Day 3, Part 1: You Decide the BEST Failed Compromise

After successful compromises in 1820 and during the 1850s, our national government was unable to compromise over the issue of slavery after Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860.  This of course leads to the Civil War which we dove into on Thursday with a visit to First & Second Manassas, Virginia.

One mission of our day in Washington, DC was to find examples of a “failure to compromise.” Below are some of the group’s submittals. This was not an easy task as most monuments and paintings in DC show some form of reconciliation. Can you think of an era/event in US History where Congress compromised as little as they did in 1860-1861?

YOU, the visitors, are encouraged to vote using the poll at the bottom of the post for the BEST example of a Failure to Compromise (Student & teacher names are removed).

confederate jeep

Rebel Jeep

rosa parks

Rosa Parks Statue (Placed in capital only 2 months ago)

pocahontas brother mad

Pocahontas’s angry brother at her wedding to John Rolfe (US Capital Rotunda)

missiles dc

Soviet and American Missiles, Smithsonian.

evan and aaron

Signs, we don’t obey signs.

lunch counter

Woolworth’s Lunch Counter, Smithsonian.


2 MUHS alums (holding banner), Mike Duffey ’96 & John Broehm ’92,  who work in the Department of Energy & the Department of Defense spoke with the group for over an hour and half in this DOE Board Room. The current Sequestration came up and the challenges that this very recent lack of compromise has created for their respective agencies.


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