Cross Training at ISTE, San Antonio

cross trainingOne of the best aspects of the 2013 ISTE Conference in San Antonio will be the opportunity to talk with teachers from all disciplines who are using technology. I should also mention ISTE attendees are typically very enthusiastic educators where both their successes and failures are worth a listen. However, I have learned not to limit yourself to teachers within your own discipline but rather Cross Train across subjects.

What is ISTE Cross Training?

As a high school Social Studies teacher, I feel it is imperative to discover what STEM classrooms are doing and what can be transferred to mine. This year there are few Social Studies-specific sessions so I will be actively Cross Training throughout the conference.

Examples of Cross Training?

I started to use blogs in my History classroom this past school year and I am really looking forward to the No More Lab Reports! Student Blogs in Science Classrooms on Tuesday, where a science teacher explains how blogs are used to write lab reports.

  • I am sure there will be strategic or technological tips that can be transferred into a history course. Be open to new ideas and think out of the box with technology. I also find it worthwhile to talk to teachers of all grade levels as there are exciting ideas across the grade spectrum that can be adapted to fit my students.

What do you think?  Give some ideas where you will Cross Train at the conference.


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