A Warm Welcome to New “Dreams 2 Mars” Participants

boardMonday evening I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity at ISTE San Antonio to present Dreams to Mars (D2M). D2M is an academic program that J.W. Preusterink, a Science teacher in the Netherlands, and I have created which investigates exploration and colonization on earth and space. We have organized the program to include all academic fields and have already attracted classrooms from around the world to participate.

 The best part of my presentation Monday was discussing with an array of teachers of all subjects and from all parts of the world how they can connect their classrooms to this D2M. Of the dozens of people that visited my Table, 13 teachers from 13 different states and 1 from Canada provided their personal info. to join this global online collaboration.

We had many interesting discussions off the list of questions I posted (Shown Below) and another poster that compared a painting of the Jamestown settlement in Virginia to a rendering that depicts the proposed Mars One settlement on Mars. Thank you to all those who visited Dreams to Mars and I look forward to working with you this coming school year!

NOTE: We will be organizing D2M for the 2013 school year with a Wiki, New Blog, and Skype site. Later July, I will host a Skype Lesson for interested teachers to provide an opportunity to ask questions and better plan for the upcoming school year. Please keep in touch and let me know if you have any suggestions or questions how to implement this into your course.



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