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I am thrilled to release the preliminary schedule (below) for the first Marquette University High School Civil War Summer Institute. The institute will be open to any student between grades 6-8. Today at Marquette High’s open house over 30 middle school students signed up for more information. That is truly exciting. I will be writing more about the Institute with updates to the schedule in weeks to come.


hilltop blog2014 MUHS Civil War Summer Institute:

When: 4-Day Summer Program (Monday, July 7-Thursday, July 10, 2014)

Who: Any 6th, 7th or 8th grade or high school student interested in history and technology!

Where: MUHS (3 Days), local historic sites and Virtual Tours given by historians in Boston, Virginia and South Carolina. Final day will be at the Kenosha Civil War Museum.

Student Logo Design Competition: All student participants are encouraged to submit their own artistic designs to be considered for the official MUHS CWI logo. The design winner’s logo will be used on all        t-shirts and that student will receive a $50.00 tuition discount to attend the Institute. Some suggestions: Think of symbols that may represent the Civil War’s legacy or meaning to you or include iconic Wisconsin participants in the war like the Iron Brigade or Old Abe the War Eagle. Perhaps read through the Goals of the CWI below and combine them with some aspect of the war. Be as creative as you can. Submissions are due by Monday, March 17th.  Either email a digital copy to or mail your logo to: MUHS, c/o Chris Lese, 3401 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53208.


  • The MUHS CWI will provide an in depth, cross-curricular experience for any middle and high school student who is interested in Civil War Era history.
  • Guest speakers located both on site and seen virtually from national Civil War site locations, will provide in depth professional analysis to add to the workshop instruction.
  • Students will have the opportunity to create a public display/exhibit at the Kenosha Civil War Museum. This exhibit will bring to life what we learned through the week.
  • The Institute will instruct the Civil War era for all types of learners in the fields of History, English, Mathematics, Physics and Art. Students will also learn a variety of ways to use technology that will allow them to share what they learned with friends, family and their school classrooms.
  • The MUHS CWI will bring together passionate instructors with interested students to analyze to teach analytical skills by studying this historical era through a variety of academic lenses.

Speakers: Institute attendees will participate in (2) Daily “Lectures” that will supplement the regular Institute workshops. These speakers will be professionals at MUHS or guide us via virtual field trips to historic places around the country. Virtual lectures will average about 45 minutes with time for questions and answers.

Work Shops: These sessions will range from 55-75 minutes and will consist of hands on materials, small group interaction and/or digital sources.

Hours/Meals: 9am-3pm daily. Students will bring their own lunches/snacks.

Travel: Buses will be used to travel to local destinations: Milwaukee Soldier’s Home, Frederick Pabst Mansion and Kenosha Civil War Museum.

Fees: Participation costs will be provided in January 2014.

Contact: Email Mr. Chris Lese, Speakers and topics will be finalized by January 2014.


MUHS CWI Monday Schedule:


 1. A Failure to Compromise: A discussion of our republic’s roots and how compromise has been the essential ingredient to its success and failures. A local politician will speak to current events and relate them to 1860.

Location: MUHS

Speaker: TBD

 2. The Peculiar Institution: A discussion of slavery as an economic institution and its impact on the Southern Way of Life. We will also learn about slave life and their ability to adapt to a life in bondage through a virtual tour of a southern plantation and slave quarters near Charleston, SC.

Speaker: Historian Joe McGill/Slave Dwelling Project

Virtual Location: Plantation Slave Quarters, South Carolina


Wisconsin’s State’s Rights Argument over Slavery: 

A.    A famous fugitive slave case occurred over the liberation of Joshua Glover from Milwaukee’s Court House. Attendees will learn how slavery and the national political decisions had significant ramifications in Wisconsin and its unique version of state’s rights.

Social Media & Technology Connections to the Civil War:

  1. Attendees will be introduced to a variety of ways to use social media to keep up to date with the leading Civil War historians and professionals.
  2. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), Podcasts, and Blogs
  3. C.   Students will use time to interact with some of these sites and historians. MUHS CWI will have live feeds where attendees will be able to update their week’s experience via social media.

 Arts & Writing:

  1. Attendees will be introduced to classic Civil War literature but also the most recent works to read over summer.
  2. Students will also view Artwork from the Smithsonian’s recent Civil War Art online program and Civil War photography.
  3. Students will have time to create their own inspired artwork capturing an aspect or theme of the war.


MUHS CWI Tuesday Schedule:


 Hallowed Ground: A discussion that will center on Yankee and Confederate soldier experiences in the major battles of the war.

Speaker: TBD

Virtual Location: Virginia.

Those Darn Black Hats and Other Badger CW History: A discussion of Wisconsin’s role during the war, both as a breadbasket for the Union and supplier of legendary soldiers.

Speaker: TBD

Location: MUHS


 The Civil War in STEM:

  1. Civil War battle tactics and strategy and technology can be placed into a simple Mathematical Equation to get a numerical understanding of the high casualty numbers. Attendees will learn basic military battle formations on a football field and then calculate times, distances and shots per minute. We will then discuss human factors that alter this battle calculation.
  2. Attendees will learn the physics and trajectory of various types of bullets/cannon balls during the war.

 Community Service Activity:

  1. Institute attendees will collaborate with the Frederick Pabst Mansion for a morning clean up project on their site. Students will learn about ongoing preservation efforts on the Mansion and Captain Pabst’s role in supporting the Grand Army of the Republic after the Civil War.

 Soldier Equipment and Medical Care:

  1. A Local re-enactor and High School teacher will bring in equipment for this workshop
  2. Troops & gear in the Civil War (Uniforms, N, S, Berdan’s, Zouves)
  3. Care for Civil War wounded and sick during and after the war.
  4. Civil War Cooking – Hardtack


MUHS CWI Wednesday Schedule:


 Civil War Memory: A discussion of how the memory of the war has changed since Appomattox with attention given to the 54th Massachusetts Regiment (Glory).

Speaker: Historian Kevin Levin

Virtual Location: Boston, Massachusetts at The Robert Gould Shaw and Massachusetts 54th Regiment Memorial

 Wisconsin Reconstructed:

This lecture will look at Reconstruction through the eyes of Wisconsin residents and veterans. We will focus on the Milwaukee Soldier’s Home.

Speaker: TBD

Location: Milwaukee, Soldier’s Home Grounds Tour.


 Civil War in Pop-Culture, Games & Movies:

  1. Attendees will be introduced to a wide array of gaming where we will play these games and analyze accuracy and which ones provide the best user experience.
  2. Gaming will include: Video games, board games, and figures.

 Local Civil War Memory & History:

  1. Attendees will learn about all the various places around Milwaukee and Wisconsin that has links to the Civil War. Locations covered: Lincoln Speech Site at MU, Soldier Training Camp Sites near MUHS, Camp Randall, Madison, Camp Douglass, Chicago, Fort Winnebago, Milwaukee Soldiers Home, Joshua Glover Mural, Local and state Civil War Monuments.

The 1960s and the “Unfulfilled promises” of the 1860s:

  1. Attendees will compare and contrast the 1860s and Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s with an emphasis on local events.

MUHS CWI Thursday Schedule:

 Museum Display at Kenosha Civil War Museum:

  1. Attendees will create a public display using items, photographs, artwork and other information learned from the week.

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