1,058 Lucky(?) Humans

Will 4 of the 1,058 applicants actually land on Mars in a capsule like this 2025?

Will 4 of the 1,058 applicants actually land on Mars in a capsule like this 2025?

Mars One has narrowed down its 200,000 applicant list to 1,058 people who will compete to see who will go on an one-way trip to Mars in 2025.  The Dutch company stated in a news release that this is the “first tangible glimpse into what the new human settlement will truly look like.”

My United States and World History classes have followed this initiative and have made many historical connections. A teacher from the Netherlands and I created an academic program, Dreams 2 Mars, which asks many Big Questions for students to investigate relative to human settlement off earth. It will be interesting to see what format (reality television competition) will be used to whittle down the remaining number of applicants to only four.

This January I will be take “Dreams 2 Mars” into my son’s Second Grade classroom and compare their study of Jamestown’s settlement to possible human exploration and settlement on the moon and Mars. It will be fun to see where their imagination will take this analogy.

What do you think about Mars One and its efforts to land humans on Mars? Will it happen?


3 thoughts on “1,058 Lucky(?) Humans

  1. I can think of many candidates for the “oneway trip” to Mars.. ” …one of these days…TO THE MOON ALICE!!! “Beam me up Scotty” Dot,…. over and out….


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