Random Trends

A couple of news stories have caught my imagination recently.

france future

One of Villemard’s Futuristic postcards.

Technology and where it is heading is a fascinating trend to watch. Click here for an interesting article that discusses the various forms bicycles may take which include “Smart” bikes, hover bikes, smog eaters and even sandwich bikes. My youngest son while looking at these pictures with me said he thinks bikes will someday have suction cupped wheels that can ride up walls. Why not? I recently saw an interesting 1910 illustration (Left) by Villemard,a French artist, who predicted through his art what the year 2000 would look like. Will technology articles that predict the future today look as much like a fantasy as this picture does to me?

Is Open Concept Design on the Way Out?

I have recently read a couple of articles (Click here and here) that seem to show that the Open Concept in residential design may be on falling out of favor. The fact this is even a discussion is fascinating. While an architectural designer, almost every new home or remodeling project I drew focused on “opening” up the kitchen to the rest of the home to form a “Great Room.” Is it the stress that homeowners feel when an untidy kitchen is seen from any vantage point of the home? Are homeowners looking for more intimate spaces to cook and eat away from the commotion of the household? Are parents moving beyond the idea they have to be with their children every second of the day? These articles show this shift in design may indicate a little of each. It will interesting to see where this trend goes.

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