Teaching Civil War Memory in Common-place

common placeI am honored to have my article, “Teaching Civil War Memory: Classroom Collaborations, Public Engagement and Adventure,” included in the special issue of Common-place, “The Civil War at 150: Memory and Meaning.” The entire process has been extraordinary for me as a teacher and writer. I have Marquette High’s administration and my Department Chair to thank for all of their support throughout this writing process, which began last Spring.

The journal’s editors, Kevin Levin and Megan Kate Nelson, provided me this extraordinary opportunity to dig deep and reflect on how I teach the Civil War. Kevin has been an invaluable presence in my classroom and has always been gracious with his time to Skype with my students. Together, their expertise, questions and edits helped me see the field of Civil War Memory in new and exciting ways that I am sure will make me a better teacher.

You can watch a video interview below where Kevin and Megan discuss their roles as the journal’s editors and other details regarding all of the essay submissions for this online publication. This special issue provides a moment of pause for us to take a collective look where we stand as a nation regarding the war’s memory 150 years later. Finally, Kevin wrote an interesting blog post on his blog (Click here: Civil War Memory) in which he focuses on MUHS collaborative projects with Southern classrooms. He cites sections of my article along with other sources and experiences to help form his opinion that the current younger generations represent an “end” to the Lost Cause and regional debtate over Civil War Memory. Students in my Civil War Legacy course and I will definitely discuss this topic throughout this semester.



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