HIstoric Sites as Classrooms

Give specific reasons/experiences why and how the Civil War Adventure (visiting battlefields, walking tours and sleeping in historic buildings) are important to help you BETTER understand history?

Donovan – Reading abut history in your text is a great way for you to learn more about history, but actually traveling to historic sites and sleeping on battlefields and in slave cabins is a great way for me to have a personal connection with the civil war and the major allies and enemies involved. Not only that, but listening to different people’s perspectives on the civil war, mainly views on the union and confederate armies, as well as the injustice of slavery, allows you to have more than one view of the civil war.

Zach – The fact that we can actually experience history on the Civil War Adventure gives a good break from the day to day, out of the book learning about history. We can all read about slaves and have a good idea about how they lived, but actually sleeping in a slave cabin and walking in their footsteps truly lets you experience what and how they felt. I think this trip has really given me numerous perspectives that I could never get in the classroom.

George – I have learned and have been taught more about history through our tour at the International Civil Rights museum in Greensboro, North Carolina. The images and specific stories of the violent acts inflicted upon the African Americans 100 years after the Emancipation Proclamation was passed. The Civil War was fought for rights and freedom of African Americans yet the battle still went on for another century. Each image of the pain they endured made me better understand their grief and I was put into their shoes. Racism did not stop once the slaves were free and continues to go on today.

Nick – I feel that all of the things we experienced throughout this trip help us understand history better in the fact that we get more of a specific view and realization of what went on during those times in specific situations. On the battle tours, going to the specific sights of where battles took place helped me realize and visualize how fighting would have commenced in that specific area. As for sleeping in slave cabins and such, it helped me better appreciate what I have and the time I live in. No person in any time should have experienced the immense cruelty that the slaves of those times. Overall the trip was a very humbling, enjoyable, and very informational trip .

Jack – I learned a lot throughout the course of the trip and thought I already had a good understanding of what the slaves and soldiers experienced. Now I have a greater respect for the slaves and even the confederate soldiers who fought against them. A common theme throughout the trip was motivation, I can say that the civil war is not as clean cut between good and evil as it first seems to be.

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